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How I found out about my leukemia

Like any other patient, I have a story as well. Mine begins during the summer break, right at the end of the exams(I went to some exams because I wanted a bigger grade). When I came back home I started having some pain in the stern bone…odd. The pain got bigger and it spread to the back ribs so I went and did an X-ray…everything clear. I went to see my doctor. She pushed me on my stern bone (which gave me a huuuge pain and a strong AUCH) and said: Aha! You sit bended when you are studying. Start doing some sports.
And I was like…Ok but maybe you can at least send me to do some blood test. And she answered: You don’t need any. Go home.
So I did go home…and changed my doctor. My new doctor send me to do blood tests and he looked for bruises but I did not have any. He gave me a homeopath treatment and so I went back to Cluj for my second year as a student. And there things got worse. At first, my feet had bruises all over. One day I went to school wearing a dress and Emily, my friend and colleague pointed at the bruises saying: you need to see a doctor! My response: Neah…I’m fine. 
Of course David was telling me daily to go and see a doctor because the sternal pains did not stop.
Next week I started getting really tired. For a walk that had usually taken me 5 minutes, I needed 20 minutes because I had to stop every 50 meters to take a breathe. I lost 5 kilos in one week…that is like one dress size…in one week! And during the weekend the nausea started and the shoulder and abdominal pain, up in the left. I was thinking…it must be the stomach from the nausea. It will go away. WRONG! People, when you have pain, go see a doctor! Never wait to pass by itself!


On Tuesday I woke up with such pain I started crying. David…call the ambulance! Me…no…it will pass. But I called my doctor and he told me which painkillers I should take. Great. No drugs of that kind in my appartment. Then something happened…Gaby called. Wanna come to school with me? 
Want to but I need to buy some sort of painkillers.
Oh…take a cab and come to my place. During this I will buy the medicine and then we can go to school…and then to the hospital.
You are pale and skinny. You are seeing a doctor! 
And so I did. Thank you Gabriela Mergheş for not giving up. Most probably you saved my life by insisting on me seeing a doctor. She came with me at the Emergency in Cluj. The doctor was scared. She told me: are you aware that you are lucky you did not faint on the street?
My platelets were 15 000. A normal person’s platelets start from 150 000. (No, the zeroes are good) My abdominal pain was coming from my spleen which was with 10 cm bigger than normal. The weight loss, the sternal pain…

Of course the doctor from the ER only told me she was sending me to Hematology next day. So dear Gaby went to my place and packed my stuff for me. Next morning at Hematology, the doctor looked at my spleen and sent me to the secretary to get my file. In that office I saw on a huge wall huge shelves files with leukemia treatments. Then I knew I had the same illness. The sternal puncture confirmed it later…acute lymphoblastic leukemia and others names long enough for 3 rows.I started chemo 2 days later.

I did not cry. Mom did. Dad still does sometimes. I was thinking to myself…other people beat leukemia. I have God on my side and my wedding to attend to. I will not give up. And it worked.
Thank you all for your messages full of love. I appreciate them.


5 thoughts on “How I found out about my leukemia

  1. heyyyyy Alidux de plusss,
    ma bucur sa vad k esti foarte pozitiva si optimista
    asa sa ramai mereuuu cum te cunosc
    Dumnezeu e sus si stie ce face
    eu te sustin sefaa noastra de clasaaa :***
    iti doresc toata sanatateaa, tot binele de pe lume
    sa ramai aceeas Alida frumoasa si curojoasaaa!!!
    nebuna de Deea te pupa dulce si iti transmite salutari de bineee!!
    love ya*

  2. :-* i am so proud of you! Ce faci acum e genial. Era si mai genial daca imi puneai un nume mai fancy :-))) kidding. I miss you, si astept sa te vad. If you don’t come here, i’ll come visit you…and Eiffel tower!:-)) astept un telefon pe viber cand ai putin timp “liber” pupici, si vezi ca avem o întelegere legata de încapatanarea ta! >:D<

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