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Transplant news

   I have opened and closed this wordpress page several times in the last month. Shame on me, I have not written anything on my blog. But ultimately, what should have I written? I stayed home most of my time; except Easter week which I spent in the hospital (I also spent New Years’ Eve in the hospital. Lucky me) for a metotrexat dose. I am waiting for my transplant. Treatment is over. I have been waiting for a month now to go to the hospital again. Not that I looove hospitals that much but because this is the final step for me. Bone marrow transplant and the recovery period. And done. No more chemo, no more pain, no more leukemia. 
   Despite the popular belief, my transplant will not be surgery, but a simple transfusion, like a blood transfusion only I will be transfused marrow from a person. The doctors searched through the international data base and found someone compatible with me 10 out of 10 markers. (which is actually very rare. If they find a 9 out of 10, you consider yourself lucky) The tricky and dangerous period comes after the transplant. During the following months I will not have any white cells or platelets, untill my new marrow starts “getting along” with my old marrow. This is the time when I can die out of nothing. Good thing, I shall be in my own sterile room with comfy huge chairs, TV, bicycle and some stuff I can bring from home like books, crayons, electronical devices, etc. (I will probably start posting stuff). 
   On the 12th May I will be going to the hospital. The transplant shall be on the 28th May. Pray for me! I shall come back telling you how I spent my freedom month and with new information (if I have any by then)
Lots of love (LOL) from me to everybody. I hope I’ll be able to see you soon


P.S. I post a picture so you can see how much my hair has grown.


5 thoughts on “Transplant news

  1. OMG Alida, in spatele zambetului copilaresc si a siluetei firave ascunzi un om atat de puternic! Iar David..nu stiu cum l-ai gasit, dar ca el exista 1 la un milion in lume 🙂
    Sa fii sanatoasa, sa va bucurati unul de celalalt! Astept sa te revad la BCU!

  2. Alida, multa sanatate! Cu siguranta ne vom ruga pt tine! Succes,sa fi in continuare puternica si optimista! Iar daca ai nevoie de ceva,sa ne spui! Fam. Coste te pupa si te incurajeaza! 🙂

  3. “Totul se intampla cu un scop ” asa am citit parca intr-una din postarile tale :),si as mai adauga eu: “Cine te-a adus in fata acestei probleme,tot El te va ajuta sa si treci peste ea”.Esti o fata curajoasa ,si ma rog sa ramai tot asa 🙂

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