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My friends, it has been a year

Even though you may believe I am tough, last evening I got a bit melancholic. I was on Pinterest, like many other girls probably, and I found this quote: “There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better.” This made me think about my friends. This made me miss my friends. This made me remember how my friends were there for me, a year ago and made me live a bit better. Anything is welcomed when you’re doing chemotherapy.

More than a year ago, these shocking news were all over the place: Alida has leukemia.
I heard about one of my mom’s friends that burst into crying at school, all of my dear friends from Betel who were so eager to help me with everything, my best friends from secondary school, Roxana and Denisa, coming all the way from Timisoara to Cluj, who were not able to speak with me when they entered my room in the hospital because they would have burst into weeping and of course, my best friend and my sweatheart who was miles away from me when mom gave him the news.
I have so many memories of all of you and actually they are not painful. It seems very strange to me, but I don’t remember very clearly all the citostatics and the pain, but I remember so clearly the evening when my dear friends from Inimi Alese brought me two bags of McDonalds food just because I wanted to. My friends from church pampered me in all the possible ways: they were bringing me food, keeping me company, making jokes, helping my mom with everything she needed, finding the most impossible fruits for me because they were highly recomandated. ( a pomegranate for example) They brought me books to read, all kind of juices to drink, movies to watch and the most important, they were praying for me. Seriously now, what can a friend do more for his pal than to pray for and with him?
Do you know the saying “distance sometimes lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go”? Timea is the best example of the “worth keeping” category, even from the distance. This girl flew in from London to see me, as soon as she found out and did the same thing when she heard I was at Intensive Care, in Paris. And a third time, for my birthday. Imagine my surprise when I was waking up and on the chair, in front of me, was none other than Timike.
I also remember how Emi from my faculty came to visit me at home, after my first chemo session and she brought me some amazing cake slices along with her amazing stories. I always enjoy listening her stories. It’s because she’s a really good story-teller. And so I found out everything new at the faculty. I like news. Hospital can be boring sometimes. This is why I watched movies. Lots of them. And Roland was the man in charge. Every time I needed new movies, he was there to help. And when he got a cold, he did not come to visit me, but waved at the window, almost every night.
My high school friends visited me in the hospital and we remembered the good old days when we were working on projects in one of the teacher’s office. I also remember the flowers from my home doctor and the talks I had had with friends from the summer camps I had been to. My mom who was struggling, sleeping in the hospital on a chair so she could be with me at all times, trying to get me enough blood for transfusions (even though you donated a lot of blood for me, there never was enough. So strange that after giving enough you-know-what to you-know-who, blood bags for me magically appeared) and keeping track of my analysis and my newest data. She filled like three notebooks.
And my best friend; I saw him in the morning, entering the room with a bouquet of roses. He was coming directly from the airport, to stay with me; even though he had classes, he was supposed to be some place else, he said no to that. His place is with me. (actually, his place was so much with me that he ended up on the bed next to me when he fainted, but more about that in another post, maybe)
When I wanted to go home, to Marghita, for Christmas and the doctors wouldn’t let me, my youth group from there, with the pastor, surprised me and all of them came to Cluj. They sang carols and this huge surprise was for me the best Christmas present ever!
What I am trying to say is that for me, friends were my biggest comfort in a time when things seemed not so cheerful. They made me be cheerful, they made me strong and able to endure everything. For the people out there that underestimate the power of a friend, read this carefully: there’s a reason why God has left other men and women on this Earth. He wants us to share emotions, thoughts and be there for each other, pray for one another and be helpful. Listen to someone who has been there. Life without friends would be so much harder.
So, my friends, thank you; for being there for me, for satisfying my wishes, for your prayers and your support. One of the reasons I am writing this post as a healthy person are YOU.

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