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Why I liked the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy


I’ve always been a fan of this TV series. Not because I wanted to become a doctor myself, but because I admire ambition, persuation and intelligence and Meredith and Cristina both had them. I stood by when Izzie got cancer, George died, the plane crashed, etc etc (it seems the accidents are worse at Grey Sloan Memorial than anywhere in this world) and I shall go on with it.

Yesterday morning I woke up and saw tons of posts and articles about the death of Derek, tears of the girls and videos full of suffering because…he died…and Meredith had to unplug him. Now, no matter how hard this was and might be in real life, this episode taught me and should teach everyone a very important lesson: doctors and excellent doctors.
I spend the last two years of my life in hospitals. I know how things work and differ from country to country and how the systems are different. But this should never be an excuse for a doctor’s incompetency.
Derek died because “these doctors are not properly trained”. Can you even understand the importancy a good doctor has? How by a simple decision ruling he can help someone live or die? Why do you think MedSchools are so difficult? That so many of them quit? Why are their teachers so strict? Because they have a reason to be. Because if you become a doctor who does not make the right calls or can’t know when to order a CT or an echography, you should not even be a doctor. It is something so great to be born so you can help others to live. Talent though is not enough. Hard work and instinct is required.
My dear friends who study Medicine, I know you programs are full, your teachers are mean and you have tons of learning to do, but as a successful pacient, I can assure you, it will be all worth it. Don’t settle with a bit or with half. Learn the whole thing and even more. If you are sure about something and you know you’re right, go on with it. Pass over anybody, everybody, for the good of your pacient.
Now stop reading and go save lives!

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