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Tu stii ca nu mai trebuia sa traiesti?

Aceasta a fost una dintre replicile pe care le-am auzit azi in ceea ce priveste persoana mea. O rezidenta noua de la spital m-a luat in primire si s-a intamplat sa fie romanca. Desigur, ea a avut obligatia sa se familiarizeze cu dosarul meu inainte sa ma consulte. In camera, venind sa imi vorbeasca despre analize si altele, imi spune…

E incredibil. Tu stii ca nu mai trebuia sa traiesti, la cata chimioterapie, efecte secundare si gvh-uri ai avut ? Esti foarte norocoasa !

Da, foarte binecuvantata.

Si nu a mintit cu nimic. Statistic vorbind, si cand am fost in coma, si cu gvh-urile si cu resutele pe care le-am avut, cred ca m-am situat mereu in cei 2-5% care scapa.

In aceasta dimineata, m-am indreptat spre spital pentru a primi urmatoarea punga de inotuzomab ozogamicin. Ajung…si astept. Si astept…si iar astept. Si nu vine nimeni.

Intra dupa un timp doctorita mea cu un zambet pana la urechi si imi spune…

C’est la dernière cure !

Iar eu…

Cum adica, ultima cura? Adica serios, terminam cura asta si gata ?

Da ! da ! Am vorbit la staff cu restul doctorilor si ne-am uitat peste ultimele rezultate ale maduvei. Ultimele doua au fost curate si domnul M a spus ca am terminat tratamentul cu aceasta cura.

Slava Domnului !

Un high five cu doamna doctor si ne vedem in 9 septembrie in Debrecen, la aeroport.

Alida vine acasa !




Do you know you’re not supposed to be alive?

This was one of the lines I have heard today about me. A new intern at the hospital, who happens to be my new intern, told me this. Before she came to see me, she had the obligation to get to know my file. in my room, she told me among others:

This is incredible! Do you know you’re not supposed to be alive after the amount of chemo, secondary effects and gvhd diseases you’ve had? You are very lucky!

Yes, I am very blessed.

And she did not lie about anything. Statistically speaking, when I was in a coma, when I had the gvhd and when I had the relapses, I was each time, probably in the 2-5% that survive.

This morning I was headed to the hospital for my new bag of inotuzomab ozogamicin. I arrive…and I wait. And wait…aaand waaaait. And nobody’s coming.

After a while, my doctor comes in with a really large smile.

C’est la dernière cure!

And I say…

What do you mean the last treatment? Really, we finish this one up and that’s it?

Yes! Yes! I talked yesterday with the rest of the doctors, we looked over the last results of your bone marrow and we’re done! This one is the last one. Professor M says we’re done.

Oh, thank God!

One big doctor high five and I see you all on 9th September in Debrecen, at the airport.



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