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Paris. City of lights. CIty of the amoureux. CIty of love. The perfect honey moon, the perfect 20 years old marriage anniversary. Whether you want to flatter your girlfriend, have fun with your friends or have a memorable vacation, Paris is the perfect location. It’s the only place on Earth that combines perfectly history, bohemia, excentrism and fun. Paris is the view I have from my window in this very moment and oh, what a view! Effusive lights, people running, the specific scent and the unmistakable French accent. And the best part is I get to share this entire experience with my beloved cheri. Eventually it is not only about Paris, but about everything it encapsulates: kings, revolutions, heroism, love stories, melancholy, poems, music, art. This wonderful place where the sounds of music give colour to the streets. Indeed. My place now. The point where I enchant myself. This is the place where I enjoy being with the love of my life. I look by the window one more time just to open the blinds of the huge broad-glass I have here. Ah. Yes. Paris. CIty of lights. I go back to bed and feel more blessed than ever. I’m trying to imagine my schedule for tomorrow. I think they are gonna make a sternal puncture and a marrow pucture, but it does not hurt that bad. And the painkillers are really good here
Weird a bit, huh? I can’t really write about myself but I’ve tried to be original and composed a list with a few different things about myself which hopefully would make you have an idea about who is this girl trying to share her experience with you.

1. I have a scar in the middle of my forehead since I was 2
2. I love chocolate and mint ice-cream.
3. I preffer spending my time reading a good book or hanging out with the people I love.
4. Recently, I have started eating. A LOT.
5. I come from a small town, from Romania, Europe.
6. I am a classical, gospel and christian music fan.
7. I am the most blessed person on Earth because God has chosen me to be part of His people.
8. Point 7 does not mean I hate peope who don’t believe in God.
9. In October I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
10. At the moment I am being treated at the St. Antoine Hospital in Paris.
11. I started this blog so my friends and family back home know how I am doing and for later, who knows, to see what surprises Paris has to offer.
12. I am in love with the most remarkable boy in the world: David Cocis.
13. I like bright colours.
14. I have the most understanding and amazing parents in the world who do everything to help me. 15. I consider Chanel dresses as the most stylish dresses in the fashion area.
16. I started learning French.
17. Paris is the city of my dreams.
18. I love the sea, the mountain and trips with friends.
19. I used to volunteer during the summers.
20. My favorite activities during high school were show organizing and project making.
21. I own a Samsung Galaxy S2 and the battery has started giving up on me.
22. I like to believe that I have a lot of fellows, but a few friends.
23. My favorite Bible book are Proverbs.
24. I like pinterest.com
25. When I first came to this hospital, I thought I was in a different world.
26. I wrote a novel in the 7th grade.
27. Aigre Douce is my preferred sauce.
28. I don’t have any favorite books yet, even though I read a lot. No favorite movie either.
29. I am a Masterchef fan.
30. I am a law student in Romania, in Cluj.
31. At the moment I am writing these information, I have been in the hospital for two months.
32. I believe everything happens for a reason. (my sickness as well)
33. From Cluj, I most miss my church, Betel Church and my praying group, Chosen Hearts.
34. The most brilliant Parisian neighborhood is Montmartre.
35. I have brown eyes.
36. My favorite fruit is raspberry.
37. I really much enjoy TEDx conversations.
38. I’ve been playing the piano since I was seven but i kind of lost my touch.
39. My favorite game is Ligretto.
40. I consider the real knowledge of pupils is not reflected by grades.
41. I come from a teacher family background (I know, It doesn’t fit with point 40)
42. In the hospital I started doing kinetotherapy exercises.
43. I’m friendly and sociable.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Bonsoir, Alida! Am auzit că ești bine și mă bucur mult. 🙂 Cum mai e viața pe la Paris, cu ce îți umpli timpul după ce mănânci? 😀 La Marghita e așa cum știi, școală-casă și o luăm de la început… Acum am și eu un moment de respiro după seria de olimpiade și concursuri… Nu comunici și online pe facebook? Oricum, îmi place foarte mult ce ai scris despre tine și îți admir engleza. :* Spune-mi, te rog și mie cum se creează un blog! Aștept cu nerăbdare răspunsul tău. Muuulți pupici :*

    • Viaţa la Paris e faină de tot. Mă bucur pt concursuri şi olimpiade. Felicitări multe multe. Pe facebook nu stau aşa mult. De-asta am făcut şi blogul.
      Intri pe wordpress.com şi te cam ghidează ei de acolo. E uşor. Nu îţi face griji. Te pup tare :-*

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