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Wanna help?

If you clicked on this it means you are interested in helping me. First of all, you can donate blood. Not for me, but for the people in your city that have leukemia and not only for them but for all the people that are in need of blood…people involved in car crashes, moms at the maternity, heart surgeries and so on.
Second of all, you can become a marrow donor. Romanian data base is not part of the International system yet which makes a marrow transplant very difficult for the people in România who can’t go abroad. Why it is difficult? Because there are only a few people in our database which makes the finding of a donor very difficult. Why is it important? Because lifes dependent on it. For the chronic mieloid leukemia (as far as I know) there is no cure without the transplant. (For my leukemia the chemo may be enough only without the transplant there is a chance the leukemia will come back). Even more, there are no risks for the donor.
Finally, if you want to help me directly here are two bank accounts if you want to donate.

euro RO95BTRLEURCRT00N8900101

lei RO20BTRL00501201N89001XX


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